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Loading 120 Film
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Loading 120 Film

Not much to add to what's already been written, but let me just say that I disposed of my Patterson tank and reels a short time ago. I never was able to become comfortable with them especially with 120 film. I have both Omega and Hewes 120 stainless steel reels and find that the Hewes is much easier to load than the Omega. Practicing loading with a sacrifice roll both visually and in the dark is certainly good advice. One additional point: I now use a changing tent rather than a changing bag; a little (OK maybe a lot) more costly, but a tent allows for loading unimpeded by fabric falling against one's hands. Another advantage of using stainless steel reels and tanks is that they hold 16 ounces while the Paterson holds I believe 20 ounces. This makes for more efficient use of developer, i.e., a quart of D-76 at 1:1 dilution can process 4 rolls of 120 or 8 rolls of 35mm. And, the Hewes 35mm reels are a joy to load after both Nikor and other brands.
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