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Paterson tanks/reels
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Paterson tanks/reels

I see so many threads and posts confirming the use of Paterson tank products while decrying the difficulty of their use. I started developing my own film 60 years ago, when we had the benefit of lacking things Paterson. My first tank was a plastic Yankee, designed much like the current Paterson, complete with swizzle stick. It was a made of thin plastic and easily broken, ditto Paterson. It cost $4.95. For B&W, I use SS Nikor tanks and reels made prior to the early 1960s, when they were made in the USA, more like Hewes than generic Japanese knock-offs. For color I use an aging Unicolor roller system, including plastic reels with no little ball bearings. Those reels load 120 film just fine and require no cleaning apart from normal water wash after use. From my experiences, I conclude that there is no great mystery to making a film reel, plastic or SS, which will load film routinely without giving grief. You do not have to have a plastic tank which leaks if you do inversion agitation. You do not have to suffer uneven film density and carpel tunnel from endless twisting. All you have to do is not buy Paterson stuff. Over the years I bought some Paterson stuff, a grain focus device that was nearly useless, hard plastic graduates which cracked. So, just say it - Paterson is crap; don't buy it; say it loud and proud.
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