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This is an old thread, thought I'd opine...

My main two cameras are the Nikon SP 2005 (high-end rangefinder), and the Nikon FM. Logic points me to the FM:

- It covers more ground than the rangefinder. From portraiture to macro to street, it does it all and you don't have to think twice about picking it up for any type of shoot.

- You see exactly what the lens sees. I find my compositions are a lot more precise and intentional. This attribute is really important on a shoot where every shot matters.

- The FM lends to a more relaxing shooting experience than with a multi-thousand dollar camera. Because the FM is a dime a dozen, you can get one mint for < $200, so I'm never worried about knocking it around if I'm out and about on the street. CLAs are cheaper too

- On a related note, the F-mount lenses can be had for super cheap and produce stunning results. You can produce beautiful print-quality photos with a $50 E-series lens. If a lens succumbs to mold or a scratch, you could have it replaced that day without breaking the bank.

That said, there are intangible attractions to the rangefinder system that make the SP my favorite camera. The 1:1 viewfinder feels like an extension of my eye. With the SLR, it feels like I'm using a tool to capture a photo. With the SP, I feel like I'm freezing a memory.
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