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Originally Posted by Ambro51 View Post
I DO have my very first camera, probably got it about 1962 or so when I was 7. It’s a Herco Imperial 620 plastic box camera. Carrying that thing by its little strap always seemed awkward to me. Best photo.....1968 class trip to NYC. . We were waiting to board a boat to go to the Statue of Liberty on a rainy day inside a building. I noticed the brilliant reflection of the lights on the bald head of Mr. Spragg, the principle of the school. Great Photo!!
Man, I love that! You had the camera, and you had the eye even back then. I have a few images of highlights on bald heads, hahaha!

Perhaps my first camera was a 110 cassette Kodak Brownie, or it could have been a Keystone XR33. I didn't use either one very much. The only photos I have from either of those cameras was only developed in the last five years, after I found the Keystone buried in a box of stuff. It held images from when I was not even a teenager, photos of my best friend at the time, and our old house. But it obviously wasn't used since the early 80s.
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