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Originally Posted by RichC View Post

I do have a fancy back-up system, but I ignored that. For this photo I rummaged in an old drawer and found a CD labelled "France - Brittany 2000". (This was from my very first digital camera - a 2 MP Fuji that used AA batteries!) Despite stories of rotting CDs, this was fine despite being untouched for 19 years almost to the day. My friends are in their 20s in it, but are now close to turning 50...

As an aside, generation Z born in the 90s and grew up using laptops, phones and digital cameras know all about how to keep their files safe, and use cloud services working automatically in the background as a given.

That's incredibly cool about those images from 2000. Unfortunately, I've lost a batch or two or images from CD's that have died, not to mention a heap of files. This made me migrate everything to harddrives which get updated every couple of years.

Mum and Dad gave me my first camera in the 80s, but they now back up everything on harddrives. Dad's collection is even on a RAID server with remote access, so we can see his images anywhere in the world! Dad's always been at the edge of tech, haha.
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