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Originally Posted by Deardorff38 View Post
Peter M, The discussion only degenerates if one denigrates the opposite side of the discussion. The OP is right in that we're lucky today and have much to be thankful for...whatever one's point of view.
Dear Deardorff38 I was not denigrating anyone and certainly not you (if that is your impression). I am simply making the point that we have been here many times always with the same outcome - a film is best camp v a digital is best camp. My point is these debates go nowhere. I do not think this is what the OP intended. I think he was saying "aren't we lucky to have so much choice and the ability to make images we could never make before" And as I read it that is pretty much what you were saying from your point of view, too.

So bottom line - just enjoy what you enjoy. I have made the switch from film to digital and do not wish to go back. Others have a different point of view and I accept that. Why would I not.
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