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IMO, 2019 is the best time to forego all the "niceties" and get back to actual photography. Sure the whiz-bang stuff is fine for quick photos, but so is your phone, so why even own a DSLR outside of commercial work where you need that kind of tool?

Instead, the best films made by the big companies are readily available, an amazing assortment of cameras are easily purchased used for pennies on the dollar, and real archival prints can be made with enlargers found for give-away prices / free.

Many of us work on computers for our day job. Why do you want to spend more time on the computer? Why do you need ISO 52789 and to shoot 1000 images an hour?

I forget to charge my DSLR batteries on the off chance I use them because I'm so used to just grabbing a mechanical camera and a roll or two of film. So much nicer to shoot, no nonsense menu diving to change some setting I forgot about, no futzing around on the computer with RAW files later, just photography.

Don't get me started on the e-waste issues with modern tech.
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