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Originally Posted by Pál_K View Post
My one wish is that old photos had names, locations, dates written on the back. I'm doing a lot of ancestral research and not having people's names or locations is often frustrating. I have prints from Hungary going back to the 1890's - they are in excellent condition.

When I first started in 35mm, 1971, I used to keep a little pocket notebook where I wrote the date, subject, and exposure information. I did that until about 1977. The exposure info was useful in case I screwed up a photo and wanted to know why.

My family has quite a collection of prints and a few slides from decades past. We have no idea as to the exact dates they were taken, apart from gauging things based on how old the subjects are. My images are all organized in folders based on date and subject, so it's easy to see what is where. Although GPS data would also be helpful! It's only a matter of time before it all comes together.
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