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My one wish is that old photos had names, locations, dates written on the back. I'm doing a lot of ancestral research and not having people's names or locations is often frustrating. I have prints from Hungary going back to the 1890's - they are in excellent condition.

When I first started in 35mm, 1971, I used to keep a little pocket notebook where I wrote the date, subject, and exposure information. I did that until about 1977. The exposure info was useful in case I screwed up a photo and wanted to know why.

These days, both with film and digital, I just write down basic info after I'm done with a roll or if I download images. We have access to great equipment today, both old and new, but I don't think there's a quick and convenient way to make notes.

I'd love to get a pair of working MF-23 backs for my F4s's to record exposure info between the frames.
"Great photography is about the visual effect upon the viewer, not sharpness." - Stephen Gandy, Cameraquest
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