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My first camera was a 110 film cassette camera in the very early 80s. but I learned photography with Dad's Pentax ME. As a kid, I was sort of caught between Mum telling me to 'just take pictures' and Dad telling me, 'film costs money to develop!' So while I got some pictures from the past, and halfway decent ones with the Kodak disc camera I had as a teenager, I didn't get anywhere near what I would have liked, in hindsight.

Digital has changed all of that. Even with a phone, I can take pictures of anything, anywhere, and not think of cost. I went from small sensor digicams in the early 2000s to DSLR's, mirrorless and digital rangefinder in the space of ten years. I shot film in the middle, but software and good cameras give me the ability to create almost any look, in almost any conditions I might come across.

I have terabytes and terabytes of photos, video and audio from the last 17 years, and I shoot professionally, something I would never have thought possible in the days of film. Everything is time stamped and organized, backed up in multiple drives and places. In the 80s, I would have had to use a film camera, a VHS-c camcorder and an audio cassette recorder to do what I do now, and while I have a deep nostalgia for those times, I very much appreciate what I have now.
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