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I'm late to this party, because I'm always buying used as I don't have the budget for new. It's very personal. The Fuji X series are wonderful, but I had the X100F and just did not like the files I got from it. Maybe it's the XTrans thing, I don't know. It's personal. I preferred the crisp output of my X1 much more, despite having half the resolution, and the shooting experience made me want to use it. So I just bought a used X113. For me, and I emphasize FOR ME, the Leica X is just more enjoyable to use. I like the spare menu and stripped down options. I had an RX1 too, and though the files were lovely, I just did not bond with the camera, the way I did with the quirky X1, despite all it's limitation. The best camera is the one I want to pick up and shoot with. I cannot decide based on spec sheets; the cameras I like often are trashed in that kind of comparison. I shoot an Olympus Pen-F (with the 12-40mm 80% of the time) and now the X113. I loved the X1, the Stylus 1 for convenience, the D-lux 109 for traveling light, the original E-M5 for weather sealing. And my favorite 35mm film camera is an Olympus 35 SP. Still waiting for Olympus to make a digital version. I loved that camera.
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