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Originally Posted by f.hayek View Post
That prototype looks expertly machined and love the brass! Hope that's available. Used the 8-element for a trial long ago but the damned thing had permanent haze that killed any contrast wide open. Would definitely go for its twin at $500-700.

Question, though. I'm more of a lurker than a commenter only because most here are far better informed and experienced than me. Really learned a lot from you folks over the years. You guys were razzing someone earlier for being negative about this new development and I thought the same as 'Huss' and others did but when I went reading around on Leica Users Forum, I suddenly stumbled on the same posting and photos by Kevin. Makes me wonder if there's something to that earlier poster's suspicions.
I also cross post on multiple forums that I frequent - rff, fredmiranda and photrio.
It gets more views from people who may not see it elsewhere, and thus (especially if I have a question) can get more useful responses.

However, I am not cross posting this reply..

Kevin, those results look very encouraging. And I really think a natural brass finish would be excellent because:
1. It looks great
b. It celebrates this lens as something unique standing out in the field full of black and silver lenses
iii. Not that it matters, but those out there claiming it's a knock off or counterfeit would have even less to grouch about because the original never looked like this.
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