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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Hi Kevin ... not interested the lens so much but I can see why it is generating so much interest.

Maybe you can refresh my memory but I seem to recall that there was a thread some time ago where you were giving us some fascinating insights into all the various Chinese cameras that you knew about and had seen? I would love to think all that info is still here but I wouldn't have a clue what thread it was in or if was indeed you!

Cheers from down under!
Hi Keith, sorry I am not the person you mentioned here. To be honest, I have never been a fan of Chinese cameras. I am a big fan of Japanese and Germany made cameras and lenses as you can see them in my collection on Flickr and Instagram. : ) But this time is something different. A Leica 8elemnts replica really interests me, and I want one so badly. That is the reason why I was trying to get in touch with the maker.
PM box 100% full. Regarding replica 8-element 35/2, please send message to [email protected]

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