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Originally Posted by rbiemer View Post
I've not really been interested in any more 35mm lenses for my kit, until seeing this.
Thank you, Kevin, for sharing this with us!
If the price ends up close to what was mentioned earlier in this thread, I am definitely wanting one. Don't really have a preference about finish--the raw brass looks pretty and will, I think, look better as the lens ages--but I do have a bit of a preference for an LTM version, thought either would suit me and my current kit.
Going to be saving up some $ and keeping an eye on this!
Hi Rob, Thank you for your comment here. Regarding the price, he told me it would be slightly higher than $500. I assume the final price would be still very affordable. I will update this information when he makes the final decision on pricing.

Seems like many people here are interest in the LTM version. Me too. But currently he only has the M-mount prototype. Don't know how he will make the LTM version. We will see.
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