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V is for Voigtlander
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Thanks. Interesting camera. Perhaps at some point, I'll dive into it to see if I can facilitate any repairs. For now, though, I have other projects on the table.

Michael Kaplan
“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson
RIT Photo House '80-'84

120mm Folders: Bessa I, Bessa II, Bessa 66, Perkeo II
35mm Folders: Vito III, Vito Compur, Vito II, Vito IIa, Vitessa "C", Vitessa L
35mm RF w/lenses: Vitessa T, Prominent I (50mm Ultron), Prominent II (50mm Nokton), Bessa L, Bessa R
35mm RF fixed: Vito B, Vito BL, Vito BR, Vitomatic Ia, Vitomatic IIa, Vitomatic IIIb (50mm Ultron)
35mm RF compact Vito C (Balda)
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