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Originally Posted by valdas View Post
Erik, you write that your Büscher keeps the temperature at 40C - why exactly this temperature?
I found this temperature experimentally. This is were the digital temperature controller comes in. When the temperature is too high, the picture dries uneven: first the central part of the print dries and then the borders. When the print dries uneven, wrinkles arise. So the print must dry as evenly as possible, I've found out that this goes best at 40 degrees C.

With the digital temperature controller the Büscher always stays exactly on the same temperature. When the print is dry and cooled down, I put it in the Seal to get it as flat as possible. The whole procedure, from flushed print to pressed in the dry mount press, takes about 35 minutes.

I think amateur print dryers can also benefit from a digital temperature controller such as the Htronic TS125. Normally those dryers get way too hot.


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