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Minox confined space wrench
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Minox confined space wrench

After my terrible fight with getting the end screws out of my Minox B I scratched my head on it all weekend and came up with this solution. Using the correct size slotted 4mm hex shank driver bit I found a steel washer slightly undersized to the hex. I tapped the hex bit through the washer making sure the washer had a very tight grip after. This makes a shoulder that can be pressed against with a wrench to give downward pressure on the head and allowing it to turn by the wrench in the confined space. I intended to buy a good 4mm box end wrench but my local electronics store didn't have any so I made one from some steel strip. I can see the same setup being used for any confined space, since the 4mm bits come in a zillion fastener profiles and could even be ground down to a nub for very small spaces.
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