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I've loaded up five of the RADA 6.5x9cm holders with Jason's dry plates, ready to go out again. These are the holders that I have renovated the light traps, see above. ^^^ I'll repeat the initial tests, only when the light is pure bright sun. 1/2" at f11 has worked well for other folks, so we will see. And I will use 1:31 HC110 concentrate. I will also overexpose a stop or two just to see how it reacts. I'm also testing Foma Retropan 120 at the same time, and shoot some 120 FP4+ also. So I always come back with something. I'm not going to start my shoot my stock of 9x12cm until I have some good results in the smaller format. I'm also inquiring about the SP445 developing tank, now Tim now has holders (4x5 and 9x12) for Jason's plates. Might get more even development, Jason's test look really smooth and even. Even the edges.

Anyone here using the SP445 dev tank for processing Lane plates? That is what Jason uses.
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