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Originally Posted by J enea View Post
i have 4 rolls of plus-x left, but 220 rolls. so i am hoping for
1) any film in 220
We should remain realistic: 220 is dead. And it will remain dead.
The market is too small, and the production too expensive. The manufacturers have explained that several times: 220 would cost more than double than 120. And at that price only a tiny amount of people would buy it (resulting in even higher prices to be profitable).
In the past the market for 220 film was mainly driven by fashion photographers. Most of the demand came from them, and not from the amateurs/enthusiasts.
But the enthusiasts are now the major market for medium format film. And they prefer format 120. They don't have to shoot lots of rolls "in a hurry" like professional fashion photographers.

Some time ago on APUG one of the former CEOs of Ilford (Simon Galley) has explained all that in a very detailed way. Ilford e.g. would have to invest in a complete new machine for 220 converting. This investment would even further increase the price.

For those who want more shots and shorter reloading times the best way is to use 4.5x6 format (more shots per roll) and cameras with changeable film magazines: So you can load several magazines with film and then you just have to change the magazine in a shooting, which is very quick.
The classic case in fashion photography for example.
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