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Further to "Darinwc"query on the Seiki (1937-1947-08) & Canon EAGLE (1947-09 to ?) mark.
Had a quick gander at what I have, and it amazed me that the "Seiki Eagle" appeared on so few of Canons early accessory items.
The picture featured here is from an early 13.5cm f4 SK lens cap and as far as I can see it only appears on the early Sport Finder and Rangefinder. It only appeared on TWO specialist cameras, the Fingerprint Camera (pg. 126 of my book) and the early X-Ray camera (pg. 86 of my book) and on published literature of the time.
Other than that, it did not appear on any normal camera sold to the public at that time.
Hayato has a couple of items pictured in his book and on page 98 even shows the feet/talons of the Eagle below the "Seiki" name.
The "Canon Eagle" as far as I know ONLY appeared on the cases of the items it held within be it Camera/Lens/Accessory and Literature BUT never on that item.
Another interesting thing is the style of the "C" in the name "CANON" in the "Canon Eagle" mark. It has the serif in the "C" which wasn't introduced till much later when the model L2 was introduced in 1956 although the "Serif C" didn't appear until half way through 1957.
Another thing learnt so any input would be great.
ENJOY (maybe)
#1 Seiki Eagle on lens cap.jpg

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