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the 35mm Color Ambion
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the 35mm Color Ambion

I have a full suite of lenses for the Ambi Silette,but will admit I am not much of a fan of this lens. Pictures are decently sharp and balanced, but the ergonomics are awful IMHO. The focusing ring is too narrow and difficult to grasp. The aperture is squeezed in next to the lens removal ring. The engravings are small, and when you lift the viewfinder cover, you can't read the settings from above. In addition, it takes over 270 degrees of turning for the focus. Too slow. I prefer the 90, which does not focus close, but has a focus turn on under 60 degrees and has large numbers that are easy to see, even with the cover raised. It is a shame we have so few lens choices. Wish that Agfa had made a Solagon in Ambi mount. I am still looking for a few filters for my Ambi. Have a UV and a yellow coming. I suppose I could use some of my Zeiss filters that are the same size.
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