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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
How fast do you expect MF lenses to be?
Well, it might be "MF" in the digital world, but it's most certainly not "MF" in the traditional 56 x whatever form. So, since the sensor isn't really that much bigger, I think f/2 would be more in line with the camera. But, truthfully, the lens already looks humongous.

The Fuji 6x9 cameras had a 105mm f/3.5, and this sensor is almost half the size of a 6x9 frame! The Pentax 6x7, with film 50% larger, has a 105mm f/2.4!

I just don't quite get it, other than the progression of "my sensor is bigger than your sensor" kinda one-upmanship common these days. I mean, if it was a black box and a control system to shoot attached to a technical camera, I get it, but the form-factor is meant to shoot out-and-about. You'll have to push the ISO to 4x to get the same amount of light compared to a f/1.4 lens on FF. And I doubt there will be significant differences in the image compared to a high-resolution DSLR FF camera with a good, fast lens, at 2 stops lower ISO or 4x shutter speed.
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