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Originally Posted by PKR View Post
Winogrand was pretty loose with the 28 finder. I don't work that way, or do street photography but, I appreciate his working style and the results it produced.

With a lens like a 28, that can be prefocused for a good range at f8 and lower, I wonder if AF is slower or a waste of energy. Also, by changing the prime plane of focus, would give changing DOF results.
Yep... I've tried to work the Winogrand way back when I used Leicas. I felt it was a better method with 400 (or pushed as he used) speed B&W than with crystal clean digital. I find that digital shows missed focus a bit more than grainy film. These cameras AF so fast these days that I actually find it a convenience.

The XF10 has a dumbed down version of snap focus. It will set the camera to 2 meters and F8 or 5 meters and F5.6. The Ricoh GR lets you choose many different meter increments at any aperture. Some people swear by this, but I still prefer to focus on what I want to be in focus.
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