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Originally Posted by narsuitus View Post

Back in 2014, I cast my vote for, "there are other (digital) camera options that suit me better."

However, I recently decided to buy a Leica M10 digital camera to use with my Leica M6 film camera.

Leica Rangefinders by Narsuitus, on Flickr
Beautiful cameras! I too love the titanium M6. It's a M4 top plate with meter!

It's the only brass top plate meter leica that is the size of the M4! M7 and letzen 999 M6 are taller! Lot's of flack about the M6 titanium not being titanium, but the thruth it's a beautiful camera, better finish that the zinc ones!

It's look very tall compared to the smaller M6. I thought M10 was same size as the film classic M!

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