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Originally Posted by Mr_Flibble View Post
They did and formed a friendship in Paris shortly after the liberation of the City.

27th of August 1944; A party given in the home of the Paris Vogue editor Michel de Brunhoff, shortly after the liberation of Paris, brought together John MORRIS (rear center with glasses). On his right: Robert CAPA. On his left (glasses): David SEYMOUR "Chim". Foreground in uniform Lee MILLER. Behind her, man in tweed jacket: Henri CARTIER-BRESSON Magnum Collection / Magnum Photos
Cool. Thanks for that. Capa was a womanizer so I wonder if he chased her? She was after all an attractive woman. I presume if they stayed friends she knocked him back if he did. Probably showed she had sound judgment.

BTW Lee Miller was in the 1930s an acolyte and lover of Man Ray and naturally appeared in some of his photos. But it was one of those fiery relationships that came apart at the seams.
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