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You think the ambi-silette is small? You want to try holding a pentax mx. It had been one of the cameras I'd considered many years ago along with the OM1 and the FM. A couple of years after deciding on the FM I had a fiddle with an MX in a second hand camera shop on Oldham street in Manchester. I held it for about 3 seconds and thought 'Eeek, Nope!'

Hmmm. If you use 37mm slip filters do you also have a 37mm slip on hood? Mine came with a slip on yelow-green and hood but I've switched to screw-in stuff as they are more secure. I only need one filter now (I don't think I'll bother with Red), but off hand I can't remember which one I need. I've also got some 30mm filters for my super solinette which needs one more (no red) to finish and so when I think which one I need to buy for which set I get them mixed up.
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