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I agree that a heavy body lens combination is always improved with a grip, but I found the Ambi a little too small and slippery and so have added the grip.
It now feels much better in my hand, far more secure.
I've got the 35/50/90 Lenses in their little bubble cases, though I use the 35 nearly all the time.
I'm slowly collecting together the 35.5 filters I need and have a Hood & few filters that are 37mm slip on that I also use.
I only use it for B&W, it's always digital for colour.
I think it's a gem of a camera, and folksy looking enough that no one ever thinks what you are taking is important enough to be bothered about 😀

The 35mm lens comes up on European #bay sites quite often, there's at least a couple on there now.
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