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I don't buy into the "too expensive" option... if you compare the price of new black body Leica Monochrom (digital) vs a new black body Leica MP (film) the difference is about 366 rolls of film developed at a lab. Shopping around, self development, etc might get you 500 rolls of film... whatever, there will be a break point.

Many of us already have a film Leica (apples to apples), so the question might rather be one of additional gear vs. "benefit". It's no longer a quality issue, in fact... and I ignore the post processing cost issue for the moment (it's a real issue, but we don't live in isolation from other daily requirement, we need a computer - the cost is incremental and decreasing). Skip a couple of lattes...

There are other digital camera options... gear does make a difference so it comes down to personal preference (PROs have their own approach to the equipment choices).

At this point I don't have a digital Leica, most likely the reason is that "it's a timing issue" ; )
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