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Originally Posted by 2WK View Post
My Leica X Vario has a leaf shutter. The X1, X2 as well. I know the T doesn't, not sure about the newer X series...
Added to the list! THanks 2WK.

Originally Posted by k__43 View Post
Yes it's a good feature you get with a leaf shutter. But my favorite thing about leaf shutter is the little noise they make compared.
Originally Posted by DrMcCoy View Post
Though I don't use it for it's flash benefits often, the leaf shutter is also my favorite part of the X100 series. I work on movie sets and that sucker is IRREPLACEABLE.

I'd be really happy if they came out with a MILC leaf shutter camera in the vein of the X-Pro/X100. Even adding a focal conversion above 50mm (preferably 70-135) for the X100_ would be amazing.
YES. Stealth is my second most favorite thing about the X100 - it pulls courtroom duty with me and it is pretty clutch. I'd seriously consider a Sony A7R-style MILC with leaf shutter lenses over the GFX or 645Z (two MF digitals I'm considering upgrading to once used prices drop a bit), especially if the MILC offered f/2 or faster glass.
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