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Originally Posted by kiemchacsu View Post
I currently have a Hadley Small and wondering if I need a bigger bag for laptop, clothes and cameras for a 1-3 days trip.
Today I decided not to bid on a Hadley Large Pro because the frequency that I use that bag is pretty rare.
In the end, it was sold for 300$ included a sp50. Link here if you care
Well, the Hadley (pro, large, or small) is a bit narrow for that purpose, in my opinion. I sold off my large for pretty much that reason. Too big for the gear that I carry, but too small for purposes as you suggest. Instead, I have a bunch of the older Presstop style 225/335/etc. (wrap-around canvas hand strapped with a leather snap grip) for day tripping. Clothes, etc. drop in them and the smaller Hadleys, Leica, etc. bags get the gear.
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