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Originally Posted by 2WK View Post
Godfrey, congrats on the new camera. It is a very attractive Leica and yes I would definitely buy one if I didn't already have too many cameras...including the X Vario.
The zoom lens...Yes, I generally have not been a zoom user but it is quite refreshing in use. It has become an amazing little studio tool. 50mm, 70mm with a leaf shutter & strobes...I love it. So because of that I'm not so sure I would swap for a 113, but I would definitely enjoy using both!
Thanks! I'm delighted with the X, it's truly a terrific camera.

... As is the X Vario. Interesting story of its acquisition... I too have tried the Fuji cameras and come away un-motivated by the X-Trans sensor. That sensor just seems to take too much work to get what I want out of, never mind my other gripes about Fuji ergonomics. But, heck, others love those cameras and who am I to say what's best? I only know what works best for me.

I've been tempted to add an X Vario to my kit—in doing so I could likely let go of the M9. The X Vario lens is terrific from all the work I've seen posted with it. But I decided that if I want to get a zoom camera, I'd prefer a built-in EVF and image stabilization, and an ultra-zoom range. That would seem a better complement to the fixed lens X and prime lens only M9. So I'm going to give the Panasonic FZ1000 a try.

It's so easy to accumulate too many cameras. :-\

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