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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
That's where I was originally headed, but decided to side step and try the X 113. Now that I've been shooting with it for a few weeks, I'm currently of the opinion that I'll keep the M9, and may add the X Vario to my kit.

Sort of what I did Godfrey. I had the idea I'd buy a new T, but for a variety of reasons couldn't even see one in the flesh working locally.

Threw my toys out of the pram, and was about to buy a new Sony A7s until my darling wife insisted I get a Vario, to accompany the X1.

Vario arrived a few days ago, about I haven't had the time to even try it, but will, this weekend.

No M9 here, but am on the lookout for a budget M8, so similar paths.
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