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Those dammn nationalists in Finland smuggled Lenin in to St Petersburg to make the "October revolution". F**k it, they should have made a nice hole in his head. Too bad none of them had a chrystal ball clear enough to see what was coming...We had to wait more than 70 years for our neighbors to become sane in their heads...
The first gimmic of him was to call their few followers "Bolsheviks" = majority... The second was to promse workers double pay if they join the party. well put ! when most of them just talking and making demonstrations... double pay for that. and on and on... Not to talk abut STALIN... when he came to power, and wiping off the peasant workers.. No food. and what did he do then... His famous motto was: when ten or hundred people get killed, it`s a tragedy, but when thousands or million people are eliminated, THAT IS ONLY HISTORY, not even TERRORISM...