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Originally Posted by hausen View Post
Take a deep breath Duane, think we all get the idea you don't like Sony.
I'm breathing very calmly hausen. And its not that I don't like Sony. I think they're a great company. But their camera designs and ergonomics are no different than all the other camera manufacturers except Leica.

We're on a Leica forum here discussing how well this camera will be able handle Leica M mount lenses and how great this camera will be by having the ability to use those lenses.

Plus we have someone saying this camera will be winning all kinds of photo awards with how its sensor renders, etc.

I understand those that don't want to shell out the funds or can afford the latest Leica M body. It is a lot of money. And its far from perfect either.

Once the camera is in the hands of enough photographers who take pictures in day to day operations we will finally get to see how it stacks up to its competition.

Actually, this conversation should be conducted on the Canon or Nikon forums since that is where Sony is trying to take market share. Their lens lineup is FE mount autofocus lenses. The talk here is about third party adapters and connecting third party lenses which aren't designed for Sony's sensor as Zeiss has already acknowledged.
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