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Originally Posted by ka7197 View Post
The most peculiar characteristic of Ilford PAN F+—besides sharpness and fine grain—is the sensitivity to changes in developing time and temperature. It requires a highly standardised and very accurate workflow. Unlike FP4+, it is not forgiving. Gradation will vary significantly with development time, so do keep an eye on your clock! Ten seconds more or less will make a perceptible difference. You even need to make a standardised ritual out of the pour-in and pour-out actions ... it doesn't matter so much how you do it—BUT DO IT THE VERY SAME WAY EVERY TIME! Otherwise you won't come to terms with PAN F+. So it's not a beginner's film, but it's very nice (fine grain, high sharpness, subtle tones) when you get it right.

I think this is true for TMX and TMY films, also.

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