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Need some opinions on FP4+/PANF+
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Need some opinions on FP4+/PANF+

Hello folks,

I am looking for a fine-grain film with high-resolving power for controlled/landscape work with plenty of good light to pair up with my extensive use of Tri-X for everything else.

How does the grain of PANF+/FP4+/Tri-X compare with each other? Is the grain size difference substantial between the PANF+ and the FP4+?

How about contrast, is the PANF+ a high contrast film?

In terms of flexibility, how does the PANF+ compare with the FP4+?

Not really in favor of the Afga 25's due to availability.

I know a MF camera would just reign king over the slowest 35mm film with the best lenses; but I have to take portability into considerations.
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