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Originally Posted by Frontman View Post
You can get a clean 35/2 Nikkor AIS for under $200. In fact, I picked up a mint FE with a mint 35/2 and paid less than $200 for the pair. Even the Nikkor 35/1.4 AIS costs a fraction of anything made by Leica in the same focal length/aperture range.

I prefer the FM/FM2/FA/FE2 over the F3 because of their smaller size and faster flash synch speeds, as well as their having a hot shoe on top of the prism.

I won't say the M6 is a better camera than the FM, for it's price it's certainly not. But the M6 is the camera I would prefer to carry (I just returned from a weekend of shooting with my M6 TTL).
This is a great point towards the manual Nikons (/Canons, Minoltas, Olympus', ).
I got people asking me lately, if I would advise them a specific Leica M for their very, very thin budget, as they wanted to try film and a manual camera.
I just tell them, they are nuts, to even think about it, as they can have a great manual camera for a few hundred dollars!

Even the "luxury" Nikon FM3a + 50 f1.6 costs less than half, ANY M6 calls for and you have already a good lens!
If budget is thin, wear approximately heavy and photos the end product, for pete's sake, get an old Nikon MF 35mm camera !

If you want a RF - get one, if you want a good manual camera for cheap, that actually works after run over by a truck - get a nice manual SLR.
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