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Originally Posted by Steve Bellayr View Post
weight, portability, quiet, all the lenses for M6 are light weight and excellent...Nikon need to choose which lens to the 35mm f2.0 range they are as expensive as Ms. F3HP is probably a better camera than the FM for the money. M6 v. FM ... personal opionion only.
You can get a clean 35/2 Nikkor AIS for under $200. In fact, I picked up a mint FE with a mint 35/2 and paid less than $200 for the pair. Even the Nikkor 35/1.4 AIS costs a fraction of anything made by Leica in the same focal length/aperture range.

I prefer the FM/FM2/FA/FE2 over the F3 because of their smaller size and faster flash synch speeds, as well as their having a hot shoe on top of the prism.

I won't say the M6 is a better camera than the FM, for it's price it's certainly not. But the M6 is the camera I would prefer to carry (I just returned from a weekend of shooting with my M6 TTL).
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