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Pretty much...."Raw" straight out of the camera, with little to no color adjusting......

A 1950 #500512xx Nikkor SC f1.4/50 in LTM on my trusty '87 Leica M6 on "Crossprocessed" color slide film, shot wide open @ 500 sec - In mid afternoon Florida sun -
(not too bad for a $85 lens, that's got minty glass, but a banged up filter ring, that flares without a hood, luckily I did get the original hood with this lens as I bought it)

I'm still trying to *find* a work area for my Nikkor f1.4s, while they are very contrasty compared to the Canon f1.5/50 -
while the Canon is a great all around shooting lens, I have still to find the niche for the Nikkors in my everyday use as "PinUp" photo lenses -

The colors in the crossprocessed work with the Nikkor seem to run very yellow and green and are somewhat "softer" than the same style of work shot on the Canon, (I like what the Nikkor does better) the Nikkor seems to be made for shooting these *strange* films, the coating has a lot to do with it as well, the Nikkor's Bluish/Purple hue enhances the crossprocessing, as where the Canon's Brown/Goldish hue comes out flatter _ (just what I had noticed)... someone has suggested to me to shoot Black and White work, that's slightly underexposed to compensate for the high contrast the lens has, that too might work rightly into my style of shooting?


PS: While I haven't tried a comparison yet with my two Nikkors, but I've been told that the "Tokyo" versions (the #5005 lenses) have a creamier bokeh than later "Japan" lenses, but you know how rumors start LOL!
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