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"Tested "the new Leica SL out yesterday.
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"Tested "the new Leica SL out yesterday.


Hi everybody.

Well perhaps "test" isn't exactly the correct word. I was fortunate enough to play around with the new Leica SL on the streets of Bangkok yesterday because my good friend Kristian Dowling (Leicashot) has been given one to "use/test out" by Leica.

I should state that I am probably the last person on this forum that is "capable" of testing out a digital camera. The only digital camera that I own is my Iphone4, which is actually on its last leg. That said, I have used my friends digital Leica cameras in the past (Leica M9/M240/MP240/Q/and the Leica M60) so I know a little about using digital Leica cameras. I will save you all the trouble of reading anymore because there is not much that I can say besides "It is AWSEOME".

Cheers, Michael
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