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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
Rightly or wrongly, when I hear/see the term "street photography" I conjure up pictures in my mind of anonymous people walking down a city street, usually shot from the back, with stupid advertising posters behind them. These anonymous people are doing nothing interesting and the framing of the scenes are almost always the same with high contrast lighting, deep black shadows and cartoon colors.

That's why I grit my teeth when I hear or read the words "street photography".
There's a lot of bad street photography.

But good street photography is assuredly not social documentary. A good street photograph (and we use the term because there isn't a better one) is a photograph that creates an abstraction by combining public ephemera and social interaction. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Street photography is not portraiture, and it is not reportage in the strict sense. It must be candid. Typically movement is involved. Above all some human moment must be glimpsed and captured.

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