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What was OP about? To tell us where one guy who was handling cameras like he is going to drop it went? So, he went Kim shiny road. How exciting...
And he finded couple of studges to tell something we already seen on shiny road of Kim.
How even more exciting....
And why you have to shot a lot? Because Winogrand did? Or because you don't know what to do and just switching camera to automatic assault wapon mode? Sounds like fun!...

I went on the street after work today. Sun was right, people were plenty. My frame counter told me it was five. By the time I have to run to Go Station, I think, I reached 15.
I don' think I have any for print. But I'm satisfied. I have seen at least two were I had to work to get print, but I had big chunk of broadcast equipment in very big bag over my shoulder...
Why satisfied? First, because every time I get chance to walk on busy street it is privilege after work, which is luxury here for many. Second, is because I was not mass producing something empty.
But maybe next time I'll drop pancake on digital and work its battery out .

Best one o one on the street I have seen so far was in interview with late HCB.
He gave it best and he gave it short. "Geometry and something".

How you dress, what you told yourself is irrelevant. If you still afraid of people it helps you.
But they still see you, if they are not busy enough for good shot...
And even if they see you? Are you afraid to be seen? Why? In Canada it is totally legal as long as you are in public space and not breaking into privacy.
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