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Originally Posted by colker View Post
I am talking about supply and demand. Our favorite philosophy. I want another leica body. I expected to pay between 600 and 900 bucks. Itīs more like 1000 and 2000. I donīt see prices raising like that in any other field.
Can i try another RF? They all increased their prices sometimes 100%.
Is it really your fave philosophy?

Originally Posted by colker View Post
Every time i call on cameraīs silly prices i get: supply and demand... as if itīs the law gravity.
Supply is easily manipulated.

There are artificially inflated prices in every market w/ investors backing off when price is far from value. I see it everyday in the photo market. Hasselblad Xpan prices? Silly. Hasselblad 500cm? Good value.
So which is it, artificially inflated prices, or supply vs demand?

How many of the currently trendy cameras are actually getting sold?

Bear in mind, supply vs demand is very fluid. Rising prices in the spot market reflect the (a) spot supply and (b) spot demand.

If there are only 10 Contax T3s on the market at any given moment, and 11 serious buyers, that's enough to raise the price.

But how many of these are actually getting sold, over time? Maybe 1 a day, on the world's largest marketplace of used photo gear (ebay?)

Is 1 a day enough to get manufacturer interest?