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Originally Posted by Rayt View Post
I have been to Vietnam dozens of times on business trips as my company has an office there. I have never heard anyone there including friends, relatives (by way of my brother's in laws), co workers, employees, contractors, strangers, while drunk or sober ever mentioned even for a brief moment the "American war" or any sort of regret or hatred toward Americans. Is this an American thing keeping bringing back past conflicts over and over again? Earlier in this thread there was a photo of a child holding a plastic gun, something that could have been from any child in any country but the fact that it was Vietnam reminded the poster about the war. Truly bizarre.
You are completely right. Nowadays nobody looks the American with insulted eyes.

On the other hands, now we really look forward to cooperate with Americans in many sectors. The most recent attempt is the negotiation to join the TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement)

Even more, with the conflict between Vietnam and China when the Chinese located their movable oil rig HD 981 in Vietnam sea, Vietnamese even asked American for support. I am not going into details about these stuffs, you will find it online just after few searchs.
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