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Originally Posted by Demodres View Post
Hi kiemchacsu and tuanvinh2000 oi, Great pictures from Hanoi you are showing..I really enjoy your motifs and compositions – which captures the feeling of Hanoi very well.. I have been living here for 1,5 years now and its truly a very photografic city with a very openminded and (photo) friendly addtion to being a very exiting city, Hanoi also has a very vibrent scene for anologue film photography which I really enjoy..I currently get my film developed at Zone 5 cafe at Tran Quoc Toan but let me know if you can recommend any other good places... I have added to the pool of Hanoi film pics..they are all captured with either Konica Hexar or Mamiya 645..
Hi Demodres.

It's great that you can contribute to this thread also. I still remember your photos in my Ha Giang topic. Your photos really show Hanoi at close looks, on other way I would say that you approach Hanoi like a local but take photos with different point of views, interesting indeed. Keep them coming please!

For film developing, I get my C41 films developed at x-lab 15 Ng Đo Duy Anh. I prefer them to the lab you mentioned, worth a try. For bw I do it by myself.

May be we can meet and have a beer someday!
Trung Nguyen

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