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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
I am not anti Impossible project. I want them to succeed but praising it so far is like telling your kid he's done so well for his 8th place medal. I have an SX70 and a packet of Impossible Project B&W film so I am an Impossible Project customer, and I'm hoping that I can get something cool out of that. The only shots that I liked above were those taken w/ the B&W film.
Yes, I applaud Impossible's achievements too, but the results, apart from the SX70 perhaps, remain very 'lomographic'.

Unless quality gets drastically better and prices lower, Impossible is not for me. Mind you, this is MY opinion and you may have yours.

As much as I'd like to support Impossible (I bought a refurbished Pola and I have some packs of film now), I can't just do it now.
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