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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
I've put 7 packs of film through the I-1 now and am beginning to get a good feel for both it and the films I currently have.

Of course, I now need to scan them all. Time to make a jig so that I can do it with the Leica SL (or the iPhone, for that matter!) quickly and consistently. Scanning with the flatbed scanner nets inconsistent results due to problems with Newton rings and such, and without a good jig to position the camera and print easily, using a copy stand isn't particularly consistent either. It also needs a cover glass to hold the prints properly flat when scanning.

Integral instant film is always full of challenges... I think they make it fun! :-)

Interestingly, given the huge concern about newton rings I never encountered them with my V550. Often I procastinate the scanning and the Polaroids will "stabilize", I don't know if that allows for some kinking and no contact of photo and glass.

Too bad I missed the i1 presentation yesterday at Impossible Barcelona.

Integral film is fun as heck and quite a success. Today I shot a frame of a friend (not Polaroid generation) and he was amazed by it, that said, the SX70 itself gathers lots of interest!
Impossible/Polaroid has that classic touch.

I always try to keep a pack loaded in camera but adding up ends up taking wads of cash! 'Tis why I don't bring it around social events much... It's wonderful but I'd end broke.

I bought some of the new Color (3.0) but have yet to end the current BW pack. I don't know how much importance/hype they gave on past generation advancements but it's nice to have been released together (albeit not much mentioned about).
Seen results online that look very promising, and the guy at IP BCN told me that it was fantastic and very different from the past generation.
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