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I just purchased my first light meter, and largely as a result of this thread it's a Minolta!

I found a great deal on a Flash Meter IV and so far so good. Has a lot of buttons but I really like the design. Part of me thinks I should have splurged on the VI for the built in spot meter, but it's a big price difference. I'm watching eBay for a good price on the viewfinder accessory for the IV.

Ambient meter is great, but I'm trying to figure out the flash meter. Wondered if anyone here would have thoughts. I want to test it with my digital camera before trusting myself with film. My only option for that is a Fuji X-Pro 1 and some old Nikon speedlights (SB-20 or SB-9).

I think I have things set up correctly--same settings (iso/speed) on meter and camera, fire test flash, set the camera to the aperture produced on the meter by the test flash--but the results are very very very underexposed.

So, I'm not sure if I'm using the meter incorrectly, or if there is a problem between the old Nikon flash and the Xpro. The flash is definitely firing. And there is a clear difference between the image with no flash and what I'm getting. Any thoughts appreciated!
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