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Meter Repair
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Meter Repair

My trusted Minolta F isn't powering up. I let the battery fester and leak. Cursed my stupidity changed for a fresh one powered up for a split second then died. Cursed some more!
Upon opening the case all is pristine and curiously with a good battery inserted there is a red LeD illuminated! Not visible from outside with the case closed can only imagine it is telling a service engineer something? Problem is Konica Minolta no longer service these meters and neither does Sony. Does anyone know of a service manual or the significance of the strange red LED glowing away to itself in a dark sealed case?

I bought a camera a few years ago with this symptom. Open up the meter again and look closely at the wires running power from the battery holder to the circuit. You may find that the corrosion got between the wire and its insulation and the wire has rotted enough to break the circuit when you put fresh power on it. To test, disconnect the power leads at the circuit board and jump the battery holder/new battery to the circuit with replacement leads. It may be no more than replacing one or both power wires.
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