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The X-T100 would be more responsive than the X-Pro 1. The main difference would be AF performance. X-T100 sensor could be better in terms of S/N and dynamic range. The X-T100 also has additional features such as WiFi/Bluetooth, FUJIFILM film simulation rendering and a touch screen.

I like using a RF style OVF so I'd buy the X-Pro 1.(1)

For the projects you mention, I would start with either the Fujinon XF 35mm or 23 f/2 R WR primes. But I have always preferred small lenses with my X-Series bodies. However, the kit lens OIS is useful for static subjects.

1. Yes, I know the FUJIFILM OVFs use reverse Gaussian optics and are not actually RF cameras. But you can still compose viewing what's outside the frame lines.
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